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Orgelbau Krawinkel - Organ Building - Classic conduits made of lead
Classic conduits made of lead

The windchest links together the pipes, the airflow and the tracker actions. The air is guided through valves into the desired pipes.

In an open air supply system, there are generally no bellows needed for the windchest as the air reservoir itself is sufficient.

If desired, a channel tremulant can be fitted in order to give the instrument (even more) varied sound characteristics.


Orgelbau Krawinkel - Organ Building - Windchest

The base board of the windchest, known as the “table”, is made from air-seasoned oak. For the sliders, partitions and toeboards we use solid oak with vertical annual rings.

The valves or pallets have two layers of leather and are held in place by stainless steel springs. Nickel silver is used for the pallet pull-down wires which are generally held inside leather seals known as glands.

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