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Organ Building

Stop action, tracker action

Orgelbau Krawinkel - Organ Building - Stop action
Stop action

Our organs are distinguished by perfect handcraftsmanship, not only of the visible parts, but also inside the instruments.

Our tracker actions and stop actions are made entirely of wood.

The rollers, brackets, journals and roller arms are generally made of solid oak and fitted onto roller boards which are connected by means of wooden bars.

Utmost precision

Orgelbau Krawinkel - Organ Building - Tracker action
Tracker action

Leather nuts are used for precise adjustment of the actions.

The specific components of the stop-action mechanism are usually made from the wood of the wild service tree and fitted into a dovetailed oak frame with nickel silver pivots and ball bearings.

We also use oak for the tracker rods (between the stop knobs and the arbors and the slider).

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