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Founder and owner Elmar Krawinkel

Organ builder Elmar Krawinkel

I first became acquainted with organ building in 1972 when I began to learn the trade in an organ builder’s workshop in Westphalia, Germany. I subsequently worked in this workshop for twenty years and, after obtaining my master’s certificate in 1989/90, I became the master craftsman there.

During this period, I planned the construction of a number of new organs of various dimensions and was particularly inspired by my encounters with historic organs which needed to be preserved for future generations. In the course of various excursions during this time, I became acquainted with organ-building techniques in both North and South Germany as well as in France and other Romance countries.

The step into self-employment

Orgelbau Krawinkel - The premises of the organ building workshop in Trendelburg-Deisel

In 1995, I took on the challenge of self-employment, ultimately aiming to realise my own personal goals in the field of organ restoration and building without having to compromise.

At that time, I had the opportunity of starting up my own workshop on the premises which had formerly belonged to the Euler Company in Hofgeismar, in a region of Central Germany which is home to a great organ building tradition. A few years later, I was also able to integrate the inventory from the Lötzerich workshop in Wolfhagen-Ippinghausen.

Finally, in the year 2000, I moved to larger premises in Trendelburg-Deisel, where I and my wife Petra, together with our staff, are now able to dedicate ourselves to interesting organ projects.

Accredited conservator

After several years of training at the Craft Academy (Akademie des Handwerks) in Raesfeld, I took my final exams in 2004 and received accreditation as a conservator-restorer.

Joint business owner – Markus Krawinkel

Organ builder - Markus Krawinkel
Markus Krawinkel

I am fascinated by the exciting work with the complex instruments. I decided for an apprenticeship as an electrotechnical assistant, which I started 2004 and finished with a technical diploma in electrical engineering in 2007. Afterwards I started an apprenticeship in an organ builder's workshop in Middle Franconia. I completed the exams in 2010. I became a master craftsman 2012.

I currently assume tasks in the area of design, construction and coordination in our family business.

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